Privacy Policy

By using this website, you agree to this privacy policy. You can see previous versions of this privacy policy, as well as the last time it was modified, on GitHub.

In the following privacy policy, Glitch Entertainment is referred to as “We” and “you” and other second-person reflect on the end-user bound by this policy.

I. Data We Collect and Why

We do not directly collect any data on-site visitors.

II. Data Sharing

Sharing with Law Enforcement. We do not respond to any law enforcement in terms of court orders or subpoenas because this site does not provide any personally identifiable information (PII) that could be used for any purposes other than understanding the performance behind the site.

III. CCPA, GDPR, and Other Privacy Clauses

We do not collect, nor sell any personal information.

IV. Do Not Track Requests and Opting-Out of Analytics

If your browser sends a Do-Not-Track (DNT) request, no data will be collected by the analytical tool.

V. Data Security

We do not collect enough information to alert you, the site visitor, of any data breaches. The data we collect, however, is not personally-identifiable information (PII) and, for that reason, is not at any risk if lost, stolen, or destroyed.

V. Contact

If you have an issue with this privacy policy, you can reach out to us via email at glitchbeta [at]